• Design Thinking, applied.

  • Why

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    Design Thinking, applied. 

    The Design Thinking Platform combines a proven, iterative 5-step method with the flexible Tangle.io Low-Code Platform, adopted by the NHS, Europe's largest organisation. It is flexible and easy to use.

  • How

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    Enabling a better understanding.

    Through an iterative, 5-step process of Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test, our method focuses on what matters to your customers - and how you build sufficient trust to enable problem-solving.

  • Where

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    Open source, open minds.

    Recent customers include the  National Health Service (NHS) - UK's largest organisation. Here we have solved the problem of guiding non-clinical employees through new patient appointment confirmations.

  • What

    Combining innovation, infrastructure and integration.

    Our Design Thinking Platform visualised.

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  • When

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    Increasing sales effectiveness.

    Through Empathy Mapping, the Design Thinking Platform allows innovators to truly build receptivity, rapport and trust with early adopters. A combination of method, technology and coaching is our differentiator.

  • Who

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    Ian H Smith

    Your Design Thinker.

    After initially training as a product designer, I spent the past 40+ years in challenging roles within the UK and US tech industry. Read my blog post Design Thinking in Sales to learn more about this Platform. 

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