• Design Thinking, applied.

  • Why

    Going Non-Linear

    Scale fast. Generate new revenue.

    The inherent scalability of a Software-as-a-Service business means that once we have captured your know-how and turned this into a Tangle.io app, you are free from constraints of a time-based services model.


    This is moving from Linear Revenue to Non-Linear Revenue. The straight line relationship between sales and costs gives way to the potential for exponential growth of sales, as your fixed costs become relatively lower.

  • When

    Creating Value

    A business that people want to buy.

    Once you move from brainware to software, you start to build a business that becomes highly attractive to both tech industry and private equity investors. You begin to build a foundation for a profitable exit.


    Built on the Tangle.io Low-Code technology, our Design Thinking Platform turns your IP from a 0.5-1.0x revenue valuation, to a potential 10-20x revenue valuation. This is proven by the valuation of many acquisitions.

  • What

    Innovating Iteratively

    Inspired by Stanford d.school.

    Design Thinking means just that - thinking like a designer. This means being curious: asking questions, challenging business-as-usual. As a method this is five steps for digital innovation - delivered iteratively, and fast.


    Design Thinking is a people-first way of solving difficult problems. At Being Guided, I help market-facing teams better engage all key stakeholders via a five-step method created by the Stanford d.school.

  • How

    Mutual Value Discovery

    Enabling a better understanding.

    Our Design Thinking Platform facilitates all stakeholders to come together in Mutual Value Discovery online workshops. This results in a deeper understanding of a problem and a better definition of a solution.


    Based on the values of Mary Parker Follett, our Mutual Value Discovery online workshops embrace the principles of Integrative Unity: direct engagement with employees regardless of their position in the organisation.

  • Who

    Ian H Smith

    Your Design Thinker.

    After initially training as a product designer in the plastics industry, Ian has spent the past 40+ years in challenging roles within the UK and US tech industry. Ian holds a Master's degree in Design Thinking.


    At Being Guided we apply the Design Thinking Platform to solve wicked problems through enabling rapid digital innovation. This helps knowledge-intensive firms and startups to create Software-as-a-Service ventures.

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