• Design Thinking, applied.

  • Why

    Your Design Thinking

    Digital innovation in a crisis.

    Our Design Thinking Platform enables you to get together, better understand a problem, clearly define a solution, create a robust Return on Investment (ROI) Model - rapidly delivered in days and hours.


    The shortening of the distance from discovery to delivery is key to maintaining your stakeholder engagement in the journey through digital innovation. This means an integration of method and platform.

  • When

    The 4D Matrix

    Eisenhower meets Churchill.

    Our Design Thinking Platform delivers reprioritisation of Tasks into the 4 Ds: Do; Develop; Delegate; or, Delete. This is inspired by Eisenhower, former President of USA - underpinned by Churchill's 'Action This Day'.


    The 4D Matrix enables your stakeholders to break down 'wicked problems' into many connected problems, and with this, a more granular, step-by-step approach to delivering solutions in a faster, lower risk way.

  • What

    Five Steps, Iterated

    Inspired by Stanford d.school.

    Our Design Thinking Platform embraces the five steps of the Stanford d.school approach: Empathize; Define; Ideate; Prototype; and, Test. We apply these steps in rapid, Agile iterations and accept failing fast.


    Configured with Salesforce Lightning Platform, the Design Thinking Platform Architecture delivers a complete CRM solution for the high-value digital innovation and where value must be discovered and validated.

  • How

    Mutual Value Discovery

    Enabling a better understanding.

    Our Design Thinking Platform facilitates all stakeholders to come together in Mutual Value Discovery online workshops. This results in a deeper understanding of a problem and a better definition of a solution.


    Based on the values of Mary Parker Follett, our Mutual Value Discovery online workshops embrace the principles of Integrative Unity: direct engagement with employees regardless of their position in the organisation.

  • Who

    Ian H Smith

    Design Thinker and Founder.

    After initially training as a product designer in the plastics industry, Ian has spent the past 40+ years in challenging roles within the UK and US tech industry. Ian holds a Master's degree in Design Thinking.


    At Being Guided we apply the Design Thinking Platform to solve wicked problems through enabling rapid digital innovation on world-class Salesforce tech. We deliver our solutions on a Deliverables, Not Hours basis.

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