• Design Thinking Platform

    Enabling digital innovation in a recession, faster.

  • Why

    Design Thinking, Applied

    Digital innovation in a crisis.

    Our Design Thinking Platform enables all buyside and sellside stakeholders to get together, to better understand a problem, clearly define a solution - and underpin it with a Return on Investment (ROI) Model.

  • Why

    A compelling argument in a recession.

  • What

    Interactive Decisioning

    Focus on the 'must haves'.

    The Digital Thinking Platform turns an iterative, five-step Design Thinking method into a solid action plan for digital innovation in extreme times - where cash is scarce and a convincing ROI Model is vital.

  • What

    A proven method for rapid digital innovation.

  • How

    Mutual Value Discovery

    Mutual Value Discovery, engaged.

    The Digital Thinking Platform enables all stakeholders to come together in Mutual Value Discovery online workshops. This results in a deeper understanding of a problem and a better definition of a solution.

  • How

    Design Thinking + No-Code First = advantage.

  • Who

    Ian H Smith

    Design Thinker and Founder.

    After initially training as a product designer in the plastics industry, Ian has spent the past 40+ years in challenging roles within the UK and US tech industry. Ian holds a Master's degree in Design Thinking.

  • Who

    Partnership with global enterprise cloud player.

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